Why don't more school parents volunteer for your PTA?

PTAsocial makes life easier for organisers and volunteers who fundraise for your school. It’s a simple way for the whole community to plan school events together online and get to know each other on a private social network built for your school.

PTAsocial helps your school make the most of its amazing parent community, minimising the admin overheads and taking away barriers to volunteering.

Comparison for organisers

Save hours of hassle!

Rushed off your feet doing all the little tasks you wish you could farm out to others… only it would take too long to coordinate it? Find out how PTAsocial will benefit you as PTA Chair..

Great for Event Organisers

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It’s all at the touch of a button, no more messing around finding the right people to email for each thing…


Would highly recommend it as a very useful planning tool. Well worth using!!!


— Lara Bradford, Bedfordshire

Easy yet extremely effective event planning tool. Our parents are now able to volunteer for future events without us lifting a finger.


— Annelie Binks, West Midlands

Less time and stress organising events, and easy volunteering means more parents getting involved, better attended events and more money raised.


— Tiffany Fisher, Beckenham

Get social, and get involved!

Great for school parents

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Life is made easy!

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It’s an easy way to connect with other parents in your class without giving out your email address. You can easily organise play-dates, coffee mornings, nights out, buy, sell, swap, or just chat!  Once your school parents are online, with PTAsocial it’s much easier for them to see how to make a difference at your school.

 It’s what we’ve been waiting for! No more paper, no more guilt, and more help for the school. What’s not to love?!


— Sara Reid, Hertfordshire

Makes it easy to see everything at a glance at any time, so you don’t miss anything — and makes it much easier to get involved.


— Liz Bance, Hertfordshire

 Great for keeping working parents in the loop and getting them involved, as they are unable to sign up at the classroom door.


— Alison Baskerville, Hertfordshire

 I found it quick and very straight forward. A good way to communicate, especially for busy Mums like me.


— Jo Pawley, Hertfordshire

Very easy to use. Even the most computer illiterate person should be able to figure it out.


— Julie Cussen, London

Now I can volunteer while at home with my diary and a cup of tea, rather than during the mad panic of pick-up and drop-off.


— Frith Thompson, Hertfordshire

Some PTAs using PTAsocial

It’s easy to interact with our parents and volunteers and has indeed taken away loads of stress on our side. Definitely recommend it!



Annelie Binks, Friends Chair

Quinton Primary, West Midlands


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 PTAsocial is fab — I absolutely love it! It’s been great for me in my new role to have as a management tool, having everything under one umbrella


Claire Blowey, PTA Chair

Dorset House, West Sussex


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Took out all the stress of trying to find last minute volunteers, people could volunteer for what they wanted to and we had every stall manned for the first time ever.


Claire Lane, PTA Chair

Garden Fields School, St Albans


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Try PTAsocial for an easier life.

Save hours of messing about with email replies and paper rotas. Life's just too short for that...

You don’t need to be a tech whizz to use PTAsocial. It’s dead easy.

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Parental engagement starts with community building.

Your PTA works hard to build community spirit and raise funds for your school. PTAsocial enables forward-thinking schools to increase parental involvement.

Make it easy, make it fun, make your PTA social. Tell me more, or…

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It's the easiest way to help your school, just the right amount for you!

Get in touch with us if you’d like more information to pass on to your school PTA. It’s free!

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Help a local school to raise vital funds, and gain valuable brand exposure at the same time.

We’ve built a powerful and efficient tool for school parents to connect, volunteer and fundraise online on a daily basis, reaching out to the wider school community. You can reach your target market via our Business Directory.

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What's a web app anyway?!

Web apps are responsive HTML5 websites designed for easy interaction. They run on PCs, Macs, tablets and mobile phones. Pretty much any device with an internet browser, so you don’t need a fancy phone to join in.

Once you’ve joined your PTA community on PTAsocial, you can log in from anywhere. You can then save bookmarks, or app icons on your phone for easy access or simply use the login button from your school website.

Don’t worry — us boffins do all the geeky stuff behind the scenes. For you, it’s all easy as pie and tickety boo.

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