Christmas is coming!

by PTAsocial in November 7, 2014

It’s November. That can only mean one thing… Christmas is coming! Some of you have only just started thinking about planning your school winter fair, and for others’s it’s imminent and plans started months ago! If you’re still looking for ideas, here are some sources of inspiration for you. From craft workshops to edible treats, these have got us excited about Christmas fair planning, and we hope they’ll get you excited too!


Rudolph has come to visit!
This is an idea from one of our very own social media followers.

“I really enjoy helping to organise fun events for our children for example at Christmas time Father Christmas’ real reindeer come to visit our school. The looks on the children’s face are magical! We all feel a bit like santa’s little helpers! …This year we are hoping to combine the reindeer visit with our Christmas fair and including an inflatable grotto with Santa too!” – Christine White
Olaf the Sock Snowman for Frozen fans

Making Olaf is simpler than it looks! You might never look at white socks the same way again. Click through to find out how to make him.


Clear bauble decorating

You could buy lots of clear plastic baubles and let the children go mad with stick on embellishments at your PTA/PTO Christmas Fair. No glue required!


Beaded snowflakes

Glass snowflakes make with beads

Make snowflakes from pipe cleaners and beads. You can order beads online from stockists such as Bamba Beads. The larger the beads, the quicker and easier it will be to make these snowflakes. And be sure to get some clear coloured beads that will let light shine through and make the snowflake shine. First Palette and Sophie’s World have also posted variations on this idea.


Simple striking snowflake art

The result of this method of painting snowflakes is surprisingly beautiful – it might just make it on to the wall rather than the fridge. Make sure that masking tape is pressed down firmly to get clean lines.


Christmas photobooth props

What a cute idea! Take pictures and print them right there for the kids to take home. You could either use a polaroid camera (if anyone still has one!) or ask for sponsorship from a photo booth hiring company.


Snowman toss game

This is a snowy variation on the classic toss game. Using bean bags means that you won’t be running around trying to find balls that have strayed away… the trick for cutting out those perfect circles is using a pencil and string as a compass.
Edible snowflakes and santas

Use gingerbread men and flower cutters to make these cookies. Then get as many different colours of sprinkles as you can!


While you’re waiting to see Santa…

We just love this drawing of Santa on a trampoline. Taking inspiration from this, you can get kids to draw around their hands on red paper, and stick on Santa heads, gloves and boots. You can either pre-cut these or print some out ready to be cut during the workshop. This workshop could work well while the kids are queuing to see Santa.


Just using even one of these creative ideas will make your Winter Fair more memorable and exciting for parents and children.


How PTAsocial can help

We’ve uploaded tons of ideas into a Christmas Fair template on the PTAsocial app ready to be picked and used. This means that we’ve done half the work for you!  All you have to do is log in to your account, select the Christmas Fair template and pick and choose which of the stalls you’d like to have. Then you can invite people to volunteer for short time slots so they can still enjoy going round the fair themselves.


PTAsocial makes organising your Christmas Fair really easy. The template is waiting for you to use it. If you don’t already have an account, get one here (takes just 2 minutes to set up). It’s totally free!


Keep an eye on the blog for more Christmas-themed inspiration in the coming weeks. Planning the Christmas fair can be just as fun as the day itself, so enjoy!

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