Come and chat to other PTAs on Twitter and Facebook – share PTA tips and ideas!

When it comes to organising fundraising events for your school PTA, do you ever feel like you are re-inventing the wheel, or have lots of questions you’d like to ask somebody who’s done it before? Maybe you have a ton of experience to share yourself. Discover #PTAhour on Twitter and Facebook and join the conversation… see you there!

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When is #PTAhour next on?

Mark your diaries with upcoming dates for #PTAhour for the Spring/Summer terms 2019

Weds 27th February 2019, 8-9pm
Weds 20th March 2019, 8-9pm
Weds 24th April 2019, 8-9pm
Weds 29th May 2019, 8-9pm

Tweet us, message us on Facebook, or email us.

How does #PTAhour work?

If you have a PTA Twitter account or a personal one (it’s free to sign up), just follow @PTAsocial and we’ll remind you when it’s on and ask you what questions you have for other PTAs. Then turn up live on the evenings above, and we’ll tweet some questions or ideas on the topic to get the conversation going. Ask a question, tweet an idea or answer someone else’s query: click on the tweet and hit “reply” and use the hashtag #PTAhour in all your tweets. That way, everyone can see what you are tweeting in response.

Top tip: Sometimes it’s easier if you use a web tool like Tweetdeck as you can set up a search for all tweets using hashtag #PTAhour, and watch them live and respond. This is the perfect opportunity to get to know lots of other PTAs! It’ll be lots of fun – so don’t miss it. We’ll also create a roundup summary and post it on our blog, so make sure you subscribe for blog updates!

Follow @PTAsocial and join us between 8-9pm GMT! It’s easy to take part, and we’re a friendly bunch.

We look forward to seeing you there!

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In the meantime, come and join our PTA Q&A group on Facebook to chat about all things PTA and fundraising any time. We post live during #PTAhour here too, so if Twitter’s not your thing, come and join us here!

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