Earn donations for your PTA

An enterprising PTA like yours is great at forging strong links with your local business community.

We’ve built a new business directory that parents can browse from our PTAsocial app — so they can discover cool companies and fun places to go in your area. However, if you can’t see any listed for your town… we need your help to find them, and will reward your PTA for your help.

A fantastic, easy fundraiser for your PTA!

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How it works:

So here's the deal...

We know you PTAs often approach local companies to request sponsorship, raffle prizes, and donated freebies. Those companies partly help you because they want to support their local school, but also partly so that their brand is noticed by parents. This makes them ideal candidates to list in our Business Directory too, where they can be discovered by all the local parents via PTAsocial.

We offer a creative and cost-effective way for small businesses who want to be discovered by local families. When they list their details on the ParentAds platform, we’ll promote this content the parents using PTAsocial.

The income from these advert enables us to offer PTAsocial to you for free AND keep improving our app for you, but we’ll also donate 20% of their first payment to your PTA.

Getting these businesses signed up now as digital advertisers will provide you with some immediate income, but will also pave the way for future earning opportunities – we have lots in store for you… just wait and see!

Get started now:

STEP 1: Join our Affiliate Program

Sign up to our Affiliate Program. You just need to have a free PTAsocial account in order to qualify, available only to Parent Teacher Associations and Friends Associations.

STEP 2: Make a list of suitable advertisers

Make a list of companies in your town that have helped your PTA before, or strike you as particularly of interest to parents in your school. You could start with asking any school parents who own businesses and normally sponsor your fayre programme or printed PTA calendar. Then think about:

– balloon or party accessories companies, party venue hire

– photographers, hairdressers, local boutiques, fitness instructors

– entertainers for kids or adults, magicians, clowns, DJs, face painters

– activities and classes, e.g. art, drama, swimming, sport, holiday clubs

– estate agents, family law firms, financial advisors, freelance consultants

– local services for house and garden: plumbers, electricians, builders, garden design etc

– maths and English tutors, music teachers, life or career coaches

– restaurants, cafes, attractions & venues for days out

STEP 3: Share your affiliate link with them

We’ll supply everything you need to spread the word and start earning donations, including email templates, banners and social media campaigns. Easy and convenient for you.

To share this campaign on Twitter or Facebook, all you need to do is log into your affiliate account and click the Tweet or Share buttons (as shown below). An attractive image and ready-made explanation are posted for you, using your unique affiliate link. It’s that simple!

You can even edit the message before it goes out if you want to. It will take you just seconds to start referring and earning donations!

If you have a list of emails for local business contacts, you might prefer to tell them via email. You can use our ready-made email message and tweak it to your needs.

STEP 4: Get paid!

Payments happen automatically. You can track all your signups in your affiliate account in real time, and even see how many people visited the site via your affiliate link.

Whenever your balance is over £100 (we even throw in £10 to start you off!), we’ll pay your donation direct to your PTA PayPal or Stripe account each month.

Don’t have PTAsocial yet? We make organising events easy and inclusive by enabling volunteers to pick a specific, manageable task. Get more help, raise more funds! Get a free account for your school here.

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