Your Summer Fairs 2018

by PTAsocial in July 12, 2018

What a summer we’re having so far! We’ve had blue skies and hot, hot sunshine for quite a few weeks now, which has been one less thing to think about for the tireless volunteers organising school summer fairs - makes a lovely change from the usual changeable British weather eh?! Here’s a look at what [...]

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#PTAhour – Forward Planning for 2018/19

by PTAsocial in June 21, 2018

This week saw our final #PTAhour of this academic year, and whilst it was a little quieter on social media than usual (maybe something to do with summer fair season?!) our lovely followers were still brimming with great advice and ideas. The topic was once again chosen by PTAsocial Twitter and Facebook followers, who must [...]

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#PTAhour – How to Maximise Fundraising

by PTAsocial in May 24, 2018

Whether your school is a well-funded academy, or a state school that is feeling the effects of the pinch on the education budget, you can never have too much money for your school. It’s obviously a subject that volunteers feel strongly about, as our social media followers voted to make “How to Maximise Fundraising” the [...]

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Simpsons - parents volunteering gif

PTA newsletters that bring in volunteers

by PTAsocial in May 14, 2018

Get parents excited about actually helping at your upcoming summer events We’re guessing you have an event or two left this term. So what’s the best way to get everyone primed and ready to muck in? People’s lives are so busy that to cut through the noise of a million other messages, you need effective, [...]

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#PTAhour – Summer Fair Q&A

by PTAsocial in May 2, 2018

With so many PTAs knee-deep in summer fair planning, we thought this would be the perfect topic for our sixth #PTAhour. We had an overwhelming response on our PTA Q&A Facebook group and also on Twitter, with loads of you asking questions and sharing ideas - you’re such a helpful bunch! So here’s a round [...]

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#PTAhour – Volunteers

by PTAsocial in March 13, 2018

>via GIPHY Our fifth #PTAhour covered a subject that virtually all PTAs will have struggled with at one time or another - volunteers! Our recent poll showed that a lack of helpers is the number one issue for committees, so we invited you to tell us your concerns, ask questions and share top tips about [...]

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World Book Day 2018

by PTAsocial in March 6, 2018

The “Beast from the East” was determined to disrupt everybody’s plans last week, but some schools ploughed through the Arctic conditions and managed to celebrate World Book Day 2018! Here are some of the best costumes, events and ideas we’ve seen on social media - well done to all of you :) Merchants Academy in [...]

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#PTAhour – Super Successful Fundraisers

by PTAsocial in February 8, 2018

The subject of our fourth #PTAhour was “Super Successful Fundraisers” - those events where the stars align, everyone has a brilliant time, AND you make a healthy profit for your school! As usual, our lovely contributors shared a wealth of knowledge about all kinds of PTA stuff on both Twitter and our Facebook PTA Q&A [...]

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Go Green 2018

by PTAsocial in February 7, 2018

There’s been a lot of coverage in the news lately about the danger our wonderful planet is in, and what we can all do to help. So with 2018’s Go Green week (12-16th February) fast approaching, this is the perfect time to take stock and consider how your PTA can do more to reduce, reuse [...]

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ptasocial blog indoor fundraisers

#PTAhour – Indoor Fundraisers

by PTAsocial in January 18, 2018

This week saw our third #PTAhour on Twitter, and we invited PTAs to tell us all about their plans and ideas for indoor fundraisers, to cheer up the dark and cold winter months. This time of year can be challenging for PTAs as they struggle to motivate volunteers and raise funds in the post Christmas [...]

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