Case Study: Bernards Heath Infants School

We spoke to PTA Chair Anne, who told us that Bernards Heath PTA were absolutely delighted to have raised a total of £9,100 at their Christmas Fair (2016), and that getting volunteers so easily, through PTAsocial, has definitely helped them achieve that total.

Tell us about your school

It is an Infant School, with 320 children, located in a city. The Junior School is a separate school, with a separate PTA. Most PTA fundraising events are run separately, although the annual summer fair, the school camping weekend and the pantomime trip are run together.

What have you done so far to fundraise as a PTA?

We had a Boden fashion night at the start of the Autumn term – the idea of it being a social event to help new parents get to know each other. We run cake sales most terms. The Christmas Fair is the main event in the school calendar, and the biggest fundraiser. We have a trip to the local pantomime just before Christmas too.

In the Spring term we run a quiz evening and a Mothers’ Day gift event. We have a Fathers’ day gift event in the Summer term, and organise a summer fair/social event together with the Junior School.

There is also the very popular school camping weekend – tickets for this sell out fast! Other fundraising activities have included making tea towels and cloth bags with the children’s pictures on, and a calendar featuring all the children in the school.

How did you organise PTA events before PTAsocial? What were the main issues your PTA struggled with?

It was much harder to enlist volunteers before using PTAsocial. PTAsocial has really helped us with communicating events to all parents who are signed up, and with getting the volunteers that we need.

Have things improved since you started using PTAsocial? Tell us how.

Yes – we can communicate events so much more easily and I think it helps everyone to feel more involved in the school community.

For example – we post a notice about an upcoming cake sale, asking for volunteers to help and it is so lovely to see people sign up to do so. It may be someone who I don’t know so it is a great way to meet new people!

Has it been helpful for the committee? (Made their jobs any easier, less hassle?)

It made the organisation of volunteers for the Christmas Fair so much easier this year, as I could just tweak last year’s template and use that!

Has it been convenient for parents? What was their reaction? (Any new volunteers as a result?)

Yes, it is quick and easy to use and people can see immediately what they are signing up for, and who with! The email reminders are fantastic too. We have a steady stream of new parents signing up.

What did you find to be the best benefit of PTAsocial?

Helping to enlist volunteers for events.

Would you recommend PTAsocial to other schools?

Yes, definitely!

Anne & Rachel, Bernards Heath Infants PTA


Want to try PTAsocial at your school? It’s totally free! Get it now!

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