Case Study: How PTAsocial helped a village school boost volunteering

Friends Chair for the past 4 years, Annelie Binks, told us what she thought of PTAsocial, which she launched in Winter term 2013.


Christmas Fair at Quinton Primary


Tell us about your school

We are an active group of parents fundraising at a small rural village school in Lower Quinton, West Midlands. There are around 126 children.


How did you launch PTAsocial?

Setting up PTAsocial for the Christmas Fair was an ideal opportunity to get to grips with the workings of it on a grand scale. It was promoted via an introduction letter and email and after two weeks, direct emails were sent to further promote parents signing up.


What was the reaction?

The overall response was very positive and the usual volunteers loved the concept.  Within a couple of days of launching, half of the stalls were already manned by eager parents.


How is it different to what you did before?

It was a bit of a no-brainer when the committee decided to trial PTAsocial to assist with organising their Christmas Fair.  It ticked all the right boxes for us: a stress free approach to planning an event; instant communication with their parents and a detailed outline plan of what is needed to make the event a success.


What are the highlights?

·           It is extremely user friendly and a real pleasure to work with.

·           Volunteers have a detailed outline of events, therefore knowing exactly what is needed.

·           Parents have the option to volunteer for future events, without being pressured at the last minute.

·           A complete stress free solution when it comes to finding volunteers for big events.


Any problems?

Parents found PTAsocial very easy to operate and the online helpdesk enabled the committee to assist with any technical problems that occurred.


Would you recommend PTAsocial to other PTAs?

It’s easy to interact with our parents and volunteers and has indeed taken away loads of stress on our side. Definitely recommend it!



Want to try PTAsocial at your school for free? Get it now!

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