Christmas Fair Ideas

As a member of your PTA committee, Christmas is likely a busy time for you!

You’re organising events both at school and at home, and your volunteers are just as busy. That’s why we figured you’d appreciate some help prepping for your school Christmas fair.

So we’ve scoured the internet and interviewed hundreds of PTAs to crowdsource the best ideas. If you want to cut to the chase and dive into the ultimate list of Christmas fundraising ideas, then this is for you!

We’d love you to send in your ideas to add to the list as a useful resource for PTAs everywhere! Email us or tweet us your ideas and piccies, and ask us to invite you to pin on our PTA ideas board on Pinterest too!

We bring you Pin the Nose on Rudolph, Christmas Pudding Stall, Santa’s Grotto and a ton more ideas, all brought to life with beautiful pictures that will have you chomping at the bit to get started with your plans. Here are a few to whet your appetite – but you can save all these Christmas Fair fundraising ideas to browse offline as an ebook on your computer, tablet or phone. Download the full Christmas Fair Ideas PDF file here and start receiving our blog updates too.


There are loads more in our Christmas Fair Ideas eBook. Download the full version here and start receiving our blog updates too.


Got an idea to share? Tweet your pics to @ptasocial, or mention us on Facebook or Pinterest so we can re-pin you to our Christmas Fair Ideas board.

Or just send us a plain old email with your photos attached – write to hello AT Oh – one more way now to share your photos — though we are newbies there! You can send them to us direct on Instagram @ptasocial or tag us! Can’t wait to see what you come up with!

About PTAsocial

PTAsocial makes organising events super-easy and inclusive by allowing volunteers to pick out a specific, manageable task. It’s completely free, so if you’re on the PTA, just start an account for your school right now — you’ll be up-and-running in 2 minutes! P.S. Pass this tip on to your PTA if not… 😉

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