Event Guide: Easter and Mother's Day

Looking for fundraising ideas to celebrate Easter or Mother’s Day?

We’ve compiled this brilliant event guide packed with ideas, hints and tips!

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Easter event ideas

To make your fundraiser egg-stra special!

Easter can be a ideal time for a “filler” fundraiser – a smaller, fun event to fill the gap between the big events of Christmas and summer time. So we’ve pulled together some Easter fundraising event ideas that should bring in some egg-stra profit! (OK, we promise no more egg puns!)

*Easter Egg Hunt – an obvious choice for an Easter fundraiser, there are a few different variations for a successful egg hunt.
* Hide chocolate eggs around the school grounds
* Hide laminated egg pictures or plastic eggs to be exchanged for a chocolate one
* Make a treasure hunt with an Easter egg as a prize
* Hide clues around the school to spell out a word, i.e. “Easter” with a prize when completed

If you can sell tickets in advance, this will help you buy the right amount of chocolate eggs and cut down on wastage. Lots of supermarkets have 2-for-1 offers on Easter eggs to minimise costs, and we’ve also seen some of the big chain stores donating eggs to schools recently, so it’s worth asking your local supermarket manager if they’d like to do the same – maybe in return for a little publicity on social media?!

We also love this fab idea on our Facebook PTA Q&A page from Elizabeth T:
“Our local town have a regular Easter Egg Treasure Hunt with giant decorated eggs to find in different locations (usually shops, banks etc.) The eggs are decorated by local schools and organisations which also helps drum up interest in it. To enter you get a list of clues which can be followed in any order and there is a letter on each egg which creates an anagram – you work out what the anagram spells and write it at the bottom as your answer to enter to win a prize. This means you don’t have to follow the clues in any particular order – although there usually roughly in the order that you’d find them. It is open over a period of time so it isn’t a race to complete it.”

* Tea with the Easter Bunny – fancy a meet and greet with the Easter Bunny himself?! Hire a bunny costume and invite families to come and have a fun afternoon tea. For extra profit you could sell colouring sheets or Easter crafts, organise a face painter or even a photo opportunity with the great bunny himself!

* Chocolate Bingo – who doesn’t love a good bingo sesh?! Especially when choccie is the prize….. Buy eggs as prizes, or take chocolate donations to make into lovely Easter hampers. You could also raffle off any extra chocolate for a profit boost, or have a “How Many Mini Eggs in the Jar?” competition too.

* Easter Crafts – hold lunchtime or after-school craft sessions, these could include egg decorating, making bunny masks, or maybe a colouring competition for the little ones to win Easter goodies. There are loads of great ideas on our Pinterest page too.

* Bunny Hop / Bouncing Bunnies – if you’re looking for an alternative to chocolate-related activities, then these are a really fun idea! Organise a sponsored “hop” over an obstacle course, or a sponsored bounce with trampolines or a bouncy castle. Invite friends and family to sponsor each child per bounce or per obstacle, and see how many they can do in a minute!

* Film Night – “Hop!” is a great family-friendly movie for an Easter-themed film night 🙂 Team it with popcorn, drinks and maybe some cute bunny soft toys to buy and you have a profit-winner!

* Easter Bonnet Parade – This is a lovely event for the littlies! Ask them to get creative and make an Easter bonnet or hat for a special parade, with a prize for the most colourful/creative/biggest/smallest etc. This is a good addition to an existing event like an egg hunt or bingo to draw the crowds.

Mother’s Day event ideas

Celebrate Mums in style!

Help the children to show their mum or special loved one how much they appreciate them by organising a Mother’s Day fundraiser. Here are some ideas to inspire you!

* Special breakfast or afternoon tea – treat mum to a pastry and coffee, or cake and a cuppa! You could ask the children to design a special invitation, with a note addressed to dad or other carer with details of how to buy a ticket 🙂 This is a lovely opportunity for the kids to spend some quality time with mum before or after school. Some pretty bunting and cute tablecloths will set the scene beautifully, you could even hire some vintage china to make it extra special!.

* Crafting session – a handmade gift is always very special, so why not organise a week of lunchtime craft sessions so the children can make a keepsake for mum? You could buy ready made craft kits from online suppliers, or maybe get the children to plant some daffodil bulbs in a handpainted pot. There are lots of cute craft ideas on our Mother’s Day Pinterest board.

* Secrets Room – this is a very popular idea for a lovely Mother’s Day fundraiser. Small gifts are sourced cheaply (or donated) and laid out in a classroom or hall. The children then come in class by class and choose their very own gift for mum, which is then wrapped and labelled for them to take home. The kids absolutely love being able to “shop” for their mums, it makes them feel very grown up! You can source some lovely gifts at discount stores for around £1, so a £2-3 charge will cover your costs and make a nice little profit. But the effort is worth it just to see the children’s faces!

* Mum’s Night Out! – every mum could do with a night off once in a while, and what better occasion than Mother’s Day?! You could hold an 80’s disco, a pamper night, a meal out or a Mother’s Day ball complete with posh frocks and prosecco! Throw in a raffle with some cool prizes and you’re on to a winner 😉

There are more great crafts and fundraising ideas for mums in our brilliant blog.

Practical profit-boosting tips

Make some extra dosh!

Time is money and money’s time, right? So you’ll want to get the maximum profit return for all your hard work. Here are a few ways to boost your takings at smaller events:

* Buy in bulk – join your local cash and carry and pile your trolley high! (Although make sure you have enough storage space for all your goodies, and check any sell-by dates!) It’s also worth looking for supermarket deals before making any bulk purchases though, as sometimes these can work out even cheaper.

* Added extras – adding a few simple extras to your events can really boost your takings with little effort. For example a raffle with donated prizes, a game of Heads or Tails or Roll a Coin during an interval, or even a donation box placed next to the refreshments. Every little helps as they say!

* Sponsors* for your event – this is a really fab way to add extra profit and also connect with the local community. You can link your sponsorship requests to your event, for example ask a local bakery to sponsor your afternoon tea (and maybe donate some goodies!) or a tuxedo hire shop may like to sponsor a fancy ball. Lots of lovely advertising for them and a cash injection for the PTA – that’s definitely a win win!

(* Ask us about our brilliant new PTAsocial sponsorship finders feature!)


How to get them - and keep them onside!

Regularly find yourself short of helpers for PTA events? You’re not alone. Our recent poll showed that a great many PTAs have the same issue. So here are some top tips from committees who have managed to turn their fortunes around and have a pool of regular volunteers that are happy to help!

Be transparent – PTAs are often accused of being “cliquey” or closed off. Well go and bust that myth now! Be inclusive, keep parents informed of what you’re up to and welcome any new interest or offers of help. Regular communications like PTA newsletters can be really useful, and class reps are a great way to let parents know the latest PTA news and what help is needed. People like to feel useful, so be positive, encouraging and friendly, and don’t forget to thank them once the event is over! There are some great ideas here on our blog about what to say to attract new volunteers.

Make it manageable! – if you’re still wondering why no-one wants to volunteer to man the hot dog stand at the disco for two hours, stop now!! Chopping up tasks into smaller chunks is much more appealing to potential volunteers, so try creating shorter rota slots (half an hour works well) and you’re much more likely to get a bunch of helpers to step up.

Go online – still juggling reply slips, Whatsapp groups and loose change? Why not do it all online! Better for the environment, easier to organise and keep track of, and much more inclusive for those who aren’t always at the school gates 🙂 Our free forever PTAsocial web app lets you create events and helper rotas, sell event tickets and get sponsors with just a few clicks! Parents can sign up, log on and browse PTA events and news at their leisure without having to over-commit. It’s revolutionised volunteering for over 1500 schools! Read some of their case studies here.​

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