Parental engagement starts with community building

Do you feel proud of your school community — is it the vibrant hub it should be? Are your parents supporting what the teachers are doing well enough? PTAs connect parents to their school and to each other. Aside from raising vital funds, PTAs partner with schools to increase involvement and engagement, building a connected, proactive and supportive set of parents.
However PTAs often struggle to communicate with parents.
They either put extra burden on over-stretched office staff, or turn to social media for help, but it’s not always the most effective way to reach parents.
PTAsocial builds active volunteering communities.
PTAsocial is the ideal way for PTAs to raise awareness of their good work, and motivate more parents to get involved. Volunteering opportunities can be listed in detail so they are accessible, convenient and manageable. Parents’ privacy is protected, and they feel good about making a difference to their school.


Headteacher Jeremy Loukes

PTAsocial enables increased parental engagement in school and PTA activities.

Jeremy Loukes, Headteacher, Fleetville Junior School, St Albans (2002-2013)
“Parenting today is about being in touch even whilst on the move. The PTAsocial application makes it easier for schools to communicate with the parent body and is aligned with the technologies that parents are familiar with. The PTAsocial application addresses many of the issues facing schools and PTAs today.  It offers a new approach to communication and enables increased parental engagement in school and PTA activities.”

Lord Knight

PTAsocial offers an exciting opportunity.

Lord Jim Knight, MD of Online Learning at TES Global, Labour MP 2001-2010, former Schools & Employment Minister, Life Peer since 2010
“In most schools just a handful of parents are relied upon to do the great work that PTAs do in fundraising and enriching school communities. Tapping into the potential of the majority of parents is too great an organisational challenge for those few hard pressed individuals. PTAsocial offers an exciting opportunity to unlock that massive army of volunteers to support our schools.”

Case Studies

Greenleas School, Bedfordshire
They saw a huge increase in their pool of occasional volunteers, which is exactly what they were after. Read the Case Study…
Decoy Primary, Devon
They made an extra £1300 on their summer fair alone, which they put down to having more volunteers available to enable their own catering this time. Read the Case Study…
Garden Fields JMI, St Albans
They were delighted with their record profits and eagerly renewed their subscription. Read the Case Study…

Great for Schools

PTAsocial offers a private social network and messaging system that means news and photos can be shared securely, without compromising the privacy of teachers’ personal social network accounts. How supportive is your school of the PTA’s efforts? Are you using school photocopiers, taking up valuable office staff and teacher time sending emails, printing flyers and distributing them in book bags? For a small outlay, PTAsocial will save your school budget by increasing your staff productivity and giving your PTA the independence they need to thrive, strengthening your parent and teacher community and raising more funds for your school.
It's the easiest, most effective way to involve school parents!
Comparison of PTAsocial to other methods

Great for Parents

PTAsocial makes life easier for school parents to connect and collaborate online. It also brings in the “social” elements of social media, allowing messaging and adds some fun and light-hearted features. Your school community  can be connected safely without having to share email addresses or become friends on Facebook. Flexible messaging and notifications mean they don’t get blasted with unwanted emails, and any time they do want to take a peek at what’s going on, or offer to help — it’s in their pocket, just a click away.
Make it fun. Make it easy. Make your PTA social.

Fantastic for PTAs!

Coordinating huge events becomes a piece of cake!
PTAs work really hard to build community spirit and raise funds for the school, but they can always do with a helping hand. PTAsocial does exactly that, by taking care of the mundane and time-consuming task of volunteer coordination. It’s the perfect tool to allow PTAs to thrive by focusing on the creative and social side of organising events, and keeping a finger on the community’s pulse with interactive messaging.
It ticked all the right boxes for us: a stress free approach to planning an event; instant communication with their parents and a detailed outline plan of what is needed to make the event a success.
Annelie Binks, Chair Friends of Quinton Primary

Empower your PTA to strengthen your school community today!

Email your PTA committee now to let them know about PTAsocial.
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