4 step launch process

1) Put your login button on your school website

Your login button and unique link is available on the Manage page. Put a button on your school website and share your unique registration link on Facebook, tweet it, pin it, email it, print it on flyers and posters. You get the idea!

2) Announce your PTAsocial launch

First make sure you have the full support of your committee and core team of helpers, some of whom might be slightly nervous of using an app. Send them the following videos:

This explains why it’s worth them switching to using PTAsocial instead of sticking with their own email lists! It is really important that you all pull together to make it very successful. The benefits of opening up volunteering in this way to include the whole school community will be apparent soon, but you’ll need your core team to adopt the app for this to happen. Stick to yer guns!

Okey-dokey, with your committee on board, now make sure you have your next event ready with all tasks (with full details and friendly welcome blurb) ready for people to volunteer, then start to invite your school parents. Here is an example launch announcement you can edit. This includes a video explaining PTAsocial to parents. You can see it on the Why Join page.

3) Invite members and/or encourage people to register

Start inviting people and encourage people to invite more people they know at school. If you have lots of addresses and names already, you can send them to us in spreadsheet (click here to download the excel file, then fill it in and email it to support).

If you check the permission checkbox when you invite people, this opts them in to start receiving email from your community (like your PTA event announcements) and notifies them automatically if you assign them to a task. It certainly does NOT opt them into any sort of marketing mailing list. If you do not have their permission to be contacted by the PTA, please do not tick the opt-in checkbox but you can still safely invite them without them fearing spam. This means they will only receive your invitation email and nothing more until they accept the invitation. We do not store their email address in a readable format — it is encrypted and only they can decipher it when they accept the invitation. Clever stuff, this!

4) Put up PTAsocial posters around the school

Print out this poster and put it up around the school to let people know where to register. Hold a fun launch event if you can – ask us to send you a dozen balloons to grab a bit of attention! (Right click to download and save.)

PTAsocial Launch poster

That’s it. Oh and there are some more tips on how to grow nicely here.

Tech support or feedback

For technical support issues and anything you need help with, please click on the Help icon at the top of the app or email our Support Team at [email protected] if you can’t find the answer. We’ll get back to you within 48 hours (usually much sooner).

For general feedback and feature suggestions: email [email protected] or use the Feedback menu option in the app.

Now go forth and make your PTA SOCIAL!

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