Mother’s Day Fundraising and Craft Ideas

by PTAsocial in March 3, 2016

Happy Mother's Day from PTAsocial

Is your PTA doing something fun for Mother’s Day? Do your kids enjoy making something special to present to you on Mothering Sunday?

Check out these ideas for how you could fundraise for the school, and put a smile on Mums’ faces at the same time. Something to plan ahead for next year perhaps? (Do send us in your event ideas and pics so everyone can admire your work and stash away your fab ideas for next time.)

Mother’s Day Sale or Secret Room

Buy mummy-themed gifts for the children to “secretly” shop for a cute gift for their much-adored mummies or special lady in their lives. Aim for pocket-money friendly prices ranging from 50p to £5. Try to buy in bulk as this means more profit for the PTA.

Take a look at these lovely products sold at Brixworth Primary PTA’s Mother’s Day sale stall:

Mother's Day Sale
Mother's Day Sale
Mother's Day Sale

It’s a nice touch for the gifts to be beautifully wrapped, so consider organising a “wrapping session” beforehand with volunteers to wrap most items, and just leave some samples out to display to the kids. That way you can sell them ready-wrapped and have less faffing about with sticky-tape on the day.

Wrapping sessions can be fun, either a daytime coffee’n’cake sesh or an evening gathering with a glass of vino or two. It’s not difficult, anyone can help – so make sure you remember to go out of your way to be open and welcoming to newbie volunteers.

Hampers & Raffle

As well as selling individual items, you can put together some luxurious items and display nicely in hampers. These can either be sold directly to the Dads, or even to Mums for Grannies. Another idea is to sell raffle tickets to win the prizes. See what you get donated from local businesses, and check leftover stock from previous events, before you purchase any items.

Aren’t these hampers lovely? They were shared on Facebook by the talented folks at Ledbury Primary and The Croft? The Croft actually had theirs as a prize at their Mother’s Day Pamper Event… which leads on to the next idea…

Friends of Ledbury Primary - Mother's Day Hampers
The Croft Mothers Day Pamper Prize

Pamper Day

Tap into the local business network to find beauty therapists who’d welcome the chance to bring their services to your school. Massage, facials, manicures, pedicures, and other sumptuous experiences await… Don’t forget to put the word out amongst the parents in your school, as you never know what talents and contacts they may possess.

Be inventive with DIY Craft ideas

Make some cute prints with salt dough.

Tell Mum (or Granny in this case) she ROCKS!!

Cute DIY plant pot. Super easy!

A photo posted by @craftgirlz on

Personalised Chocolates

Although it can be a little ink-thirsty, this is a nice touch if you can organise for the kids to order personalised chocolates for their mums. There are lots of great downloadable chocolate wrapper design templates on Etsy and similar sites, and you can edit them before printing on online editors like Canva or Pixlr.

Home-Made Mother's Day Cards

Dads — here’s some easy inspiration on how to get a lovingly handmade card for mum, while entertaining your children in the process! So get Mum to put her feet up and relax as you and the kids work on her Mother’s Day “surprise”…

Mother's Day homemade card

Take some card, paper or in this case a small brown carrier bag.

Add any colour paint and with fingers and do some ‘swirly’ motions – these are the flowers!

Once your child has made enough flower shapes, add green squiggles for stems. A nice message on the other side and a lovely gift of chocolates inside will take it from card to gift!

Homemade Mother's Day card

Paint brushes are so boring! Got a plastic fork handy? So easy — a toddler-friendly way to paint flowers.

Flowers made with forks

Forks too technical for ya? Okay let’s get back to basics – and mucky. Splodge some paint on those little hands – go crazy and mix up some colours to make it interesting! Good with words? Get the kids to think up a little poem, generally extolling the wonderful qualities of their mother. Flattery will get you pretty much everywhere!

Splodge on some paint!
Mother's day card paint mix
I Love you Mummy - handmade card

Your turn!

Only a few days to go, so you’re likely to have your events already planned. But we’d love to see pictures of your events, and hear your suggestions for ideas. (Please ensure you have permission from anyone in the photos.) Also your home-made treasures and DIY creations! Get in touch 🙂

Tweet your pics to @ptasocial, or mention us on Facebook or Pinterest so we can re-pin you to our World Book Day board. Or just send us a plain old email with your photos attached. Oh – one more way now to share your photos — though we are newbies there! You can send them to us direct on Instagram @ptasocial or tag us! Can’t wait to see what you come up with!

PTAsocial makes organising events super-easy and inclusive by allowing volunteers to pick out a specific, manageable task. It’s completely free, so if you’re on the PTA, just start an account for your school right now — you’ll be up-and-running in 2 minutes! P.S. Pass this tip on to your PTA if not… 😉

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