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As a company, Plan Social already helps schools leverage parent skills effectively by providing their PTA with innovative tools for recruiting and managing volunteers. Schools are beginning to grasp the benefits of other social media, but still have to negotiate around the potential pitfalls of a public page.


The PTAsocial app provides a safe and secure environment for the school community to connect, and has had wonderful success in changing school culture. It becomes the norm for every parent to help, rather than the duty of a few dedicated volunteers.


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Building the app around the parents’ needs has resulted in greater willingness to stay in touch and get involved.  Parents are properly engaged, and they come back frequently. So… what next?

Once you have used PTAsocial to build up your audience, it’s time to step up the interaction, and do away with tedious processes that put up barriers to communication. How can you now channel those conversations so that they are worthwhile, and not overwhelming?


Well, we’re working on several ways for you to engage school parents for meaningful outcomes, that save time and increase partnership potential and understanding of the children’s education.


  • School News and Updates

Getting the right information to the right people at the right time via the right channels. That’s a lot to get right! We’re making it easier.

  • Joint decision-making

How do you engage parents as partners? Do you seek their opinion when establishing policy in the school?

  • Parent consultation booking

Many schools still use archaic methods of allocating consultation timeslots, that are not far off a bun-fight! It doesn’t need to be like this.

  • Discover latent skill sets

School volunteering needs to be seen in a broader light than baking cupcakes. The diverse parent community have a broad range of interesting skills and life experiences that can enrich the pupil’s extra-curricular activities.

  • Class blogs & Home Learning

Few solutions provide the ease of use or privacy that we can provide in our private social network for your school. No need for photos to be public, or contributors to be anonymous. Parents can see what their kids have been up to in school and continue the conversation at home. What did they do today? Apparently  it wasn’t really “Nothing”!

  • Classroom Volunteering

Volunteers can directly pick and choose specific tasks, see which slots are already taken, and by whom. Making specific, up to date opportunities available at any time encourages people to step up and removes barriers or delays.

  • Family learning

Helping parents to increase their own skill sets and opportunities.

  • Building links to the local community

Open up opportunities for local businesses and organisations to collaborate with your school.


Work with us. Make sure you get what you need.

Now that we have the parents’ attention, we’re working with schools to address the wider parental engagement needs, including those listed above.

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