PTA Spotlight on: December and Christmas Events

by PTAsocial in November 12, 2016

December is a feverishly busy time for PTAs, with loads of potential for fundraising. However, one of the biggest challenges of the festive season is to strike a balance between organising fun activities and asking for too much cash. It’s tricky for sure, but it’s a great time to show that your PTA is about giving as well as receiving, and there are numerous charity efforts you can support.

This is the first of our two-part blog post focusing on festive fun, fundraising and spreading goodwill and cheer among your PTA, school and the wider community.

PTAsocial - fundraising ideas for winter & xmas

Christmas Jumper Day

Friday 16th December 2016 is the official “Christmas Jumper Day” in support of the charity “Save The Children”. Joining in couldn’t be simpler, just sign up at the Christmas Jumper Day website.

Some kids don’t like the feel of jumpers or get too hot in stifling classrooms, so why not extend it to include Christmas t-shirts, dresses and accessories?

Make it fun and ask for a small donation per child towards this great cause. You don’t have to do it on the 16th either – some schools do it on the same day as their school Christmas lunch.

Christmas Fundraising Ideas

School discos are a great little earner for most PTAs and a christmassy theme will give it a memorable twist.

Christmas-themed cake sales are always popular and need very little financial input. Just a few contributions from each parent can go a long way.

Lunchtime craft sessions work well – ask the children to make salt-dough decorations, which you can then sell back to the parents for a nominal charge.

Or just have some fun with the parents and kids making tree decorations – possibly charging a small fee for materials.

You can put on a favourite Christmas movie as a fundraiser and add a few games and treats for extra special festive fun.

There are lots of other fantastic craft ideas on our Christmas Fundraising Pinterest page.

Shoebox/Present Appeal

The Shoebox Appeal has been around for ages, but it’s still a fab way of giving something back to children, the elderly or families who, for whatever reason, may not have gifts to open this Christmas time.

Not all appeals of this type involve an actual shoebox, but the sentiment is the same. There are numerous charities to choose from, including:

Operation Christmas Child

The Salvation Army Christmas Present Appeal

Teams4U Shoebox Appeal

There are also much smaller appeals happening in communities all around the country, and your PTA could approach local care homes, homeless charities and elderly charities to see if they would appreciate your support in this way.

Alternatively, you could run a drive to collect food than can be donated to your local food banks to help individuals and families who are in need this Christmas.

Christmas Fayre

The highlight on many school calendars, a Christmas Fayre is a great way of fostering community spirit and raising money for your school.

PTAs can rent tables out to entrepreneurial parents and members of the local community, who sell cakes, crafts, printing, simple and short beauty treatments, jewellery etc for a small charge.

Games and fun stalls are also popular, including bauble bobbing, reindeer hoopla, knock Santa down the chimney and many more. Look out for our Ultimate Christmas Fair Fundraising ideas ebook – scroll down to the bottom of the page to receive a copy by email!

Santa’s Grotto makes it a magical occasion for the little ones.

You might find inspiration in our Christmas Fair blog posts from 2015 and 2014 too. Oh and this one too.

Getting your PTA organised in December can be tricky if volunteers are thin on the ground. Of course, PTAsocial is with you every step of the way, making it simple to let people know what support you need!

Your Turn

We’d love to hear your ideas for great Christmas events so email [email protected] , tweet us or contact us via Facebook and pop back next week to see Part 2 of our December & Christmas blog post.

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