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by PTAsocial in November 3, 2016

November is a pretty packed month as far as potential PTA activity and events goes. It is also a busy time of the year for people as they start to think about Christmas planning and shopping, so you’ll need to make it quick and easy for them if you want to get volunteers on board.

Pick just one or two events to focus on so you can get the help you need, and of course the free PTAsocial app is on hand to gather your volunteers and get organised.

We’ve previously covered Bonfire Night ideas and how to build a guy, so this time we have chosen three other popular PTA events in November to consider.

November 11th – Remembrance Sunday

A day when the younger generations can learn a little British history, Remembrance Sunday also helps children to learn empathy and consider the world beyond themselves, which is a vital part of growing up to be a kind and considerate human being.

Poppies are the symbol for Remembrance Sunday and most activities tend to revolve around this well-known flower.

The simplest thing your PTA can do it to fundraise for The Royal British Legion. There is plenty of official merchandise to choose from, but most people choose to sell traditional paper poppies.

However, if you’ve got some crochet-loving parents, you could sell these as a interesting alternative instead. Check out this video showing you how to crochet a poppy…

Or how about a poppy-themed bake sale?

There are heaps of opportunities for crafts too, and your PTA could run a lunchtime or after school workshop where wreaths, collages, paintings and models can be made and then displayed around the school.

November 13th – BBC Children in Need

Always a popular event on any PTA’s calendar, Children in Need is also a great way to promote the fact you believe in giving as well as receiving.

Spots are the main theme and most PTAs ask that children wear spotty clothes or perhaps paint their faces, and make a small donation that goes straight to BBC Children in Need.

There is also plenty of official merchandise available in supermarkets, and a percentage from each sale also goes to supporting the cause.

Sick of spots or dress-up days? There are other viable alternative ways to raise money. School discos and tuck shops are always extremely popular and you could donate all your profits to Children in Need.

And those ol’ favourites – a cake sale or baking competition. After all, who doesn’t love a bit of cake and a cuppa at the end of the day?

November 14th to 18th – Anti-bullying Week

Anti-bullying week is an important week for every school. It is an ideal time for them to focus on promoting the values of kindness, understanding, tolerance, acceptance and friendship to not only the pupils, but also to parents and staff.

It’s also a time when your school can reaffirm their bullying policy and take steps to ensure that everyone know steps they can take if they feel they are being bullied. Special mention should also be made to cyber-bullying and how to combat it.

There are plenty of resources for anti-bullying week online, but there are a few things that your PTA may like to get involved in:

Fundraising for an anti-bullying charity

Charities such as the anti-bullying alliance and Bullies Out are a great point of contact for parents and kids who may need support or advice regarding bullying, but don’t necessarily want to speak directly to the school.

Fundraising for these charities can be as simple as a sponsored event, a tag day or the ubiquitous bake sale.

Don’t forget, while you are raising funds for them, you are also raising awareness of them and what they offer. For example, run a theatre workshop like Woodland academy and Worple Primary did below.

Craft worry-eaters

If you’ve not yet come across worry-eaters, then you aren’t alone. However, these are a great tool for helping to deal with kids’ anxieties and best of all, you can run a craft session and get the kids to come along and make their own.

Each kid takes a box (a cereal box is ideal) and decorates it as an animal, monster or whatever pops into their imagination. A letterbox shape is cut out for the mouth, and the flap is closed but not sealed so that you can access the inside.

Then the child/children write their worries anonymously onto a piece of paper and put them into the worry-eater.

This act helps them to feel better and parents or teachers can take them out and read them when the kids aren’t around, so they have gain a better understanding of anything that is bothering them.

There are some fab examples of plush worry-eaters on Pinterest , but at DIY version is just as functional and more fun to make!

Your Turn

These are just a few ideas for PTA-friendly events for November. We would love to hear what ones you have chosen to support and how, just get in touch by email , Twitter or Facebook.

Share your ideas on social media with us and other PTAs using hashtag #ptasocial. And ask to contribute to our PTA Ideas Pinterest board.

PTAsocial makes organising events super-easy and inclusive by allowing volunteers to pick out a specific, manageable task. It’s completely free, so just start an account for your school right now in 2 minutes.

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