PTA Spotlight on: World Teachers’ Day

by PTAsocial in October 1, 2016

The idea of being left in charge of a class of 30 school kids would be daunting for the average human, but Teachers are a different breed.

We entrust our little darlings to their schools for roughly 6 hours a day, 190 days a year. That’s huge.


What do teachers do?

Teachers today are so much more than just educators. They are role models.

They are therapists. They help nurture personality and social skills. They listen to our kids; they care for our kids.

They inspire our kids and help them believe in themselves.

Schoolboy with Hand Raised

Teachers are an invaluable source of knowledge, experience, influence and encouragement in our children’s lives.

And it’s not just teachers either. Teaching assistants also play a substantial role in helping to our kids to learn and grow.

Don’t forget support staff, and music, art or sports teachers. They often get overlooked.

Teacher Demonstrating Tambourine Playing

Time to show our appreciation

World Teachers’ Day is on Wednesday 5th October this year. Why not suggest that your PTA puts forward some great ways to celebrate the day?

Here are a few ideas to show your teachers and teaching assistants that they are valued and appreciated.

Appreciation Jar

This virtually zero-budget idea is a fantastic way for your children to express their feelings to their teacher.

Ask each child to write something positive about their teacher or teaching assistant and put them all into a jar. Decorate it in a theme that suits each particular teacher.

This type of gift provides teaching staff with a great pick-me-up at the end of a stressful or challenging day, and is certain to bring a smile to their face!.

Book Dedication

New books for a classroom or school library are a wonderful, educational gift that can be enjoyed by teachers and kids alike.

A top job for a class rep or room parent: find out what each teacher’s favourite stories are and arrange to buy a copy of that book for their classroom or the main school library.

Dedicate the inside of each book to the relevant teacher, to make it a really personal gift that can last for years to come.

Sweet treats

A little bit of what you fancy, does you good right? On World Teachers’ Day deliver a yummy treat to the staff room to show your appreciation.

If you don’t want to “eat into” the PTA budget, ask parents to bring in home-baked cookies or store-bought donuts, hot chocolate sachets or tubs of popcorn.


What about gifts?

A whip-round might be appreciated by teachers, but puts extra pressure on parents who already shell out at Christmas and year-end.

On World Teachers’ Day, it’s the thought that counts. So make a teacher’s day by having your child create a heartfelt, homemade card, postcard, drawing or gift, expressing their gratitude.

Check out some fantastic ideas on our Pinterest board.

A kind word from you

It might seem a bit soppy, but teachers hardly ever get positive feedback from parents.

A little thank-you card sent in by you the parent will go a very long way, and can make the endless hours of planning and marking a bit easier to bear.

It’s nice to be appreciated.

Tweet or Post it!

If delivering a card or gift to their teacher is just too excruciatingly embarrassing for your kids, try this instead.

If you are on social media, do a shout out to the teachers in your school. If you are on the PTA, even better – get everyone to retweet or share on Facebook to reinforce the message.

Tweet this (edit your school name before you publish it):

Thank you teachers! #WorldTeachersDay #PTAsocial

You can also copy and share this on your PTA page on Facebook.

We love teachers!

Teachers work incredibly hard, investing their time and energy to provide the best possible opportunities for our next generation.

So this year, remind and encourage parents in your school to mark World Teachers’ Day by showing their appreciation for our wonderful teaching staff in some small way.

Scientist Standing in Front of Whiteboard

Over to you...

What is your school doing to celebrate World Teachers Day?

Share your ideas in the comments box at the bottom of the page. You can also email us, tweet us or get in touch via our Facebook page.

PTAsocial makes organising events super-easy and inclusive by allowing volunteers to pick out a specific, manageable task. It’s completely free, so just start an account for your school right now in 2 minutes.

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