#PTAhour: Event Sponsorship

by PTAsocial in November 26, 2017

We held our second #PTAhour on Twitter this week, a chance to exchange ideas, ask questions and pick up tips from other PTAs across the country! If you’ve never done anything like this before, it’s really simple to join in. Just read our simple guide and take part in our regular discussions – you never know what you might learn!

The hot topic for this #PTAhour was event sponsorship, a fantastic potential income booster for your PTA that also offers local businesses the opportunity to advertise to the community – a win win situation!

Some PTAs told us that this is an avenue they still need to explore:

Whilst other PTAs have had success engaging sponsors for their events:

We asked for your top tips for engaging sponsors, and we had some very interesting replies!

And it’s always nice to get positive feedback about our #PTAhour sessions! !

If your PTA already makes the most of event sponsors, you’ll love what we’ve built to make your life easier. Or maybe you’re new to this sponsorship malarkey, and want to learn more about how to get started. Either way, just drop our friendly team a quick note!

It won’t cost you a penny, but could reap huge rewards.

We’re feeling the love – thank you to all those who took part in #PTAhour! We’ll be holding regular sessions on Wednesday nights throughout the school year, our next planned topic in January is indoor fundraisers and finding/booking stallholders.

Visit ptasocial.com/ptahour to find out how and when to take part. You can still add your own replies to these questions and read the latest additions in our Facebook PTA Q&A group. Join in!

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PTAsocial makes organising events super-easy and inclusive by allowing volunteers to pick out a specific, manageable task. You can sell tickets online for your PTA events too! It’s free, so just start an account for your PTA right now in 2 minutes.

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