#PTAhour – Forward Planning for 2018/19

by PTAsocial in June 21, 2018

This week saw our final #PTAhour of this academic year, and whilst it was a little quieter on social media than usual (maybe something to do with summer fair season?!) our lovely followers were still brimming with great advice and ideas.

The topic was once again chosen by PTAsocial Twitter and Facebook followers, who must be a very organised bunch as they chose to discuss their fundraising ideas and plans for the next school year ahead – despite most of them still being in the midst of their summer events!.

So diaries and notebooks at the ready – here’s what they had to say:

New Starters and September events

September is traditionally a time to hold welcome events for new parents and children, and a lot of you also have your AGM during this month……

“We are usually pretty quiet for the first half term, giving everyone chance to settle in. We give biscuits with a little rhyme to new starters on their first day, and we have our AGM in September – at that point we plan for the year.”
Monica G

“We do a box of Smarties, with a little message saying their parents are smart for being part of the PTFA with the details to join our Facebook page”
Suzi B

“We have our tea and tissues morning planned for the 1st day the reception class start, as well as PTA information packs and new starter gifts all sorted. We did it this year for the 1st time and it was a lovely thing, it also helped us recruit several new members onto the PTA and they are great at getting other mums involved in helping out at certain events”
Griffydam PTA

“This sounds like a fab idea but our school do a staggered start which may make it more difficult”
Kerry L

“Our school does staggered starts, you could do it the first full day, the parents may have questions by then, as I find new parents are not always aware that of things like library visits, forest school, which they can volunteer to help and the rules of personal learning time (show & tell)”
Laura G

“We invite the ‘new intake’ children and their families to our summer party/fayre. We think it is a nice way to meet people and allow the children to become familiar with the school and grounds.”
Diana T

“We do the refreshments at the new starters evening, and also sell 2nd hand uniform (still in a nearly new state)”
Monica G

“We do our AGM mid September so we can plan events for the year and get them in the calendar.”
Claire P

“We do ours in October, gives the new parents a chance to settle in before we pounce ha ha!”
Sarah R

“We’ll have our Halloween half term disco in the new term, hopefully a film night, possibly breakfast with some princesses and superheroes, followed by our Xmas pop up shop, santa visit and Xmas fair. I bought loads of gifts in January for these events to keep costs down and profits up!!”
Jo A

Some great ideas here, if you’re still in need of some advice or help planning your AGM or New Starters events, check out our comprehensive guides packed with ideas and top tips to get your fundraising year off to a flying start!

Fancy trying something new?

We asked if any of you had been inspired to organise a brand new event for the coming year:

“We are attempting a golf day for the male members (parents/grandparents/uncles etc) of our school in September. We are hiring exclusive use of local golf club, with a chance to win prizes. We charge slightly higher than the club are asking per person & gain a little bit of profit, however this is more of a chance to involve men in our events as most are focussed on ladies of the school. Not intentional, but only having one male member of PTFA it happens naturally.”
Suzi B

“Sunflower growing contest for the first time. I’m looking forward to seeing all the photos when they flower! We’ve got about 1/4 of the school having a go.”
Claire P

“Someone posted about doing a sponsored bounce, I might give that a go this year.”
Sarah R

“We did that 2 years ago – best fundraiser we have ever had.”
Monica G

“We are considering a bonfire night just not sure we are brave enough to plan it.”
Griffydam PTA

“Only event we have planned so far is Fireworks night, we’ll join together with 2 other local schools, profits to be shared in proportion to ticket sales etc.”
Sarah R

“I’ve introduced new events to keep people interested, we’ll probably do a magic show at the end of next summer as it was a great hit last year, I try to be as open as possible to new ideas, and our Head is great at letting us go ahead with them!”
Jo A

“We tried movie nights this year. No profit from first ones as had to buy the license, but planning a Halloween and Christmas themed movie nights next term.”
Claire P

If you missed our #PTAhour about Super Successful Fundraisers, check out our blog to find out what other school PTAs organise for maximum profit. And we’ve compiled loads of inspiring ideas for Easy Indoor Fundraisers too – always handy for the inclement British weather!

And if you’d like to ramp up the fundraising next year, PTAsocial can help! Our free web app makes organising events and getting more volunteers super easy, why not set up an account now so you’ll be ready to launch in September? There’s even loads of built-in event templates for you to use, and our new ticket feature will drastically cut down on your admin time too 🙂 What have you got to lose?! It takes just two minutes to create an account, why not give it a go?

We’ve been overwhelmed at the response we’ve had to #PTAhour this year, it’s been so much fun and really inspiring to see PTAs and volunteers sharing ideas and experiences – a massive thank you to everyone who’s contributed or been involved, we couldn’t do it without you!

We’re taking a break from #PTAhour for the summer, but we’ll be back in September – please do get in touch and tell us what topics you think we should be discussing! Tweet us @PTAsocial, email us or share your ideas with over 660 other PTA-ers in our Facebook PTA Q&A group – we’d love to see you there 🙂

PTAsocial makes organising events super-easy and inclusive by allowing volunteers to pick out a specific, manageable task. It’s completely free, so just start an account for your school right now in 2 minutes.

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