#PTAhour – How to Maximise Fundraising

by PTAsocial in May 24, 2018

Whether your school is a well-funded academy, or a state school that is feeling the effects of the pinch on the education budget, you can never have too much money for your school. It’s obviously a subject that volunteers feel strongly about, as our social media followers voted to make “How to Maximise Fundraising” the hot topic of our seventh #PTAhour.

Fundraising often requires a lot of time and commitment, and so your PTA needs to ensure that you get maximum value for your efforts. Luckily, there are some simple (and genius!) ways to secure extra funds for your school. Read on to discover some brilliant methods of plumping out your PTA’s profits.

And we’ll tell you how you can get involved in the next #PTAhour at the end of this blog!

Matched Funding

A large number of businesses and organisations offer their employees a chance to raise funds for the charity of their choice through matched donations or pledges for the volunteering work that they undertake. However, to be able to take advantage of matched donations your PTA will need to meet the eligibility criteria of each individual organisation.

Here’s what you said about Matched Funding:

“We ask our parents if they work for companies which offer match funding and ask if they are happy to match fund for us. Raising awareness of the potential of match funding with parents is crucial. Match funding can give fundraising a massive boost!”
Childer Thornton PTA

“One of our members works for a small local company, and although they didn’t officially do match funding they did donate £500. If you don’t ask you don’t get.”
@Spuginowski via Twitter

“We have match funded with Vodafone and Barclays.”
Friends of Manor

“We seem to struggle a bit to get match funding as some companies need the individual to have taken part in the fund raising. A husband of one of our members could match funding of a stall at the Fete if he manned that stall for example, but not the whole fete.”
Rebecca via Facebook

“We have never used it for school but I am a member of our local cubs committee too and we get matched fundraising from Santander each year for our race night, I think they donate about 1k.”
Kay via Facebook

Here at PTAsocial we are big believers in the mantra “if you don’t ask you don’t get,” so we encourage you to ask parents and carers to check if there are any charitable schemes offered by their workplaces that may be beneficial to your fundraising.

Some of the businesses that have offered matched funding schemes in the past include:
American Express
Anglian Water
Argos Plc
Asda Group Plc
British Telecom
Citibank Group
Ford Motor Company
Halifax Plc
Marks & Spencer
Tesco Plc

Local business support

There are lots of different ways that local businesses can help to support your fundraising activities. Many organizations can make tax deductible donations to registered charities, although there are limits on how much they can contribute in this way. This is definitely worth mentioning when asking for raffle prizes!

Event sponsorship is another fantastic income booster for your PTA, that also offers local businesses the opportunity to advertise to the community – a win win situation!

“We’ve got one of our parents businesses to sponsor the cupcake stall so he will purchase all the ingredients etc so we don’t come up at a loss.”
@LuttyRR via Twitter

“A local business sponsored our AGM. Always worth an ask! They kindly donated funds in exchange for displaying their sign at our AGM and distributing leaflets.”
Childer Thornton PTA via Twitter

“A local Estate agent sponsored us £1000 for our summer fair, so the fair is probably not going to cost much over this. They advertised on FB page, our sign and on our 2000 leaflet drop. We usually pay for Facebook advertising, no more than around £30 ish, we target local people and last year our advert was seen by 7000 people so this is something that attracted the agency.”
Natalie via Facebook

We held a #PTAhour all about event sponsorship recently, if you missed it then catch up with all the top tips and info in our round up blog.

Gift Aid

Gift Aid is a fantastic tool that raised more than a billion pounds for charities last year. However, only around 17% of PTAs actively claim it, meaning that your PTA could be missing out on free funds!

Gift Aid can be claimed on donations from individuals who have paid the same amount or more in Income tax or Capital Gains Tax in the same tax year. The donor must also make a Gift Aid declaration that gives your PTA permission to claim it. Gift Aid can only be claimed if you are registered either as a charity and/or registered with HMRC.

To find out more about how Gift Aid can support your fundraising efforts, check out this Gift Aid government webpage.

More terrific top tips to maximise PTA funds

Our fabulous followers shared more of their brilliant money making (and money saving!) ideas too!

“Be open to new ideas, just because it’s always been done like that doesn’t mean there isn’t a better, more profitable way.”
Amy via Facebook

“Agree! We have had new members join us this year with fresh ideas. We have already raised more than last year. Be welcoming, listen to ideas, have social nights and introduce yourselves, ask one person from the PTA to “recruit” one more person!”
Valewood PTA via Twitter

“Buy it when you see it cheap!!! Amazon is great for flash sales. We’ve got lots of small stall prizes that way. We also replaced all our Christmas decs in the new year sales, saved a fortune!!”
Natalie via Facebook

“If you don’t ask you don’t get. Tell shops what you want and ask what they can offer, we get a discount from B&M if we spend a certain amount, Farmfoods have discount vouchers you can print off too. If doing a raffle ask anyone and everyone. It’s our second year of doing the summer raffle and this year because of our charity status we have Alton Towers tickets, but also we have a days out in Blackpool hamper which is worth over £100. Don’t worry about being cheeky. Even Redrow donated 6 bottles of prosecco. I also try and contact companies online, email or messenger as this keeps postage costs down.”
Diane via Facebook

“Not money as such, but Usborne Book Challenge is amazing. If you raise over a certain amount they give you an extra 60% free books. We ended up with £2700 in books.”
Natalie via Facebook

“Definitely get the kids involved in selling, they love it and people can’t say no to the children too. We had a load of books donated, so the school chose some for the new library and then year 6 sold the rest after the Christmas plays, they made £140 in one day! We also did Easter bingo with our rota kids and split the profits and we try to involve the school choir in events, this tends to mean their parents come along.”
Diana via Facebook

Do you already claim Gift Aid? Has it benefited your PTA? Do you have any awesome sponsorship ideas? Have you raised money through matched donations? As always, we would love to hear from you. Please get in touch! Tweet us @PTAsocial, email us or share your ideas with 640 other PTA-ers in our fast-growing Facebook PTA Q&A group!

And mark your diaries for the next #PTAhour, Wednesday 20th June, 8-9pm GMT. Full details of how to take part here.

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