Case Study: Organising Fireworks Night with online volunteer rotas

Father and child viewing fireworks at night


Tell us about your school.

Dorset House School, an independent co-educational prep school in West Sussex.


What did you do?

We launched with a bang, literally, organising a fireworks evening for the whole school. Sent out an announcement email, started inviting people and encouraging them to register via the school website.


What was the reaction?

Within weeks, 95% sign up rate and the majority of volunteering slots going straight away.


Comments from PTA Chair?

“PTAsocial is Fab! I absolutely love it, really impressed with it.  It’s been great for me in my new role to have as a management tool, having everything under one umbrella.”


What are the highlights?

  • Being able to print off rota tables
  • Putting up dates as soon as we have them so everyone can see what’s coming up
  • Encouraging even class or year nights out to be in the PTAsocial calendar, avoids diary clashes


Any problems?

“There are always one or two people who put up barriers to anything technical, but the class reps have worked it out, spent some time on it and are really seeing the benefit!”




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