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by PTAsocial in February 19, 2016

PTAsocial blog - World Book Day Ideas

There’s nothing more likely to strike fear into the hearts of parents and PTAs than the bedtime cries of “Muuuuuuuum, Daaaaad! I need a costume for school tomorrow!”

Time is of the essence, so let’s crack on with some inspiration with maximum impact for minimal effort! We scoured Twitter to discover a goldmine of ideas from industrious, quick-thinking parents across the country.

(Apologies – images may not display as embedded tweets in Safari desktop… trying to rectify this…)

Thing 1 & Thing 2

First up is an old fave for those parents deprived of time (and sewing skills!): Dr Seuss’s mischievous double act, Thing 1 and Thing 2. The only challenging part to this outfit is finding clean red t-shirts!

[Tip: Turn inside out or simply turn wrong side round to get a plain front.]

Oh and… um… don’t forget blue hair!

1. Draw two black circles on paper with a thick black marker, and write THING 1 & THING 2. Try to copy the font too.

Thing 1 & Thing 2 labels
Final Thing 1 & Thing 2

2. Stick the labels onto the t-shirts with sticky tape, safety pins or even glue!

3. For the blue hair, you have various options, ranging for blue colour hairspray, blue hair gel, blue wigs available cheaply online.

No time? Got some blue card or blue tissue paper? Just fashion it into crazy head-gear and assemble with sticky tape.


Don a blue jumper, some brown trousers, tuck trousers into long socks, gel your hair into a quiff — and grab a fluffy toy dog under your arm as an added bonus! Behold… Tin Tin!

Mr Bump

Dress up in loose blue clothing, strap a cushion underneath to pad them out. Blue face paint for a bit of extra fun, and plenty of bandaging (or even bog roll) for comedy effect.

Or do it with cardboard!

For those children who don’t like to dress up, they can totally cheat by sporting one of their favourite t-shirts or PJ’s – gets the message across with very little effort!

Mr Bump

Mr (or Mrs!) Fox

Any smart outfit can be worn with these homemade Fox face masks – the kids can do those! Or get into full foxy mode with tails and all. Hairbands can be adorned with pointy ears.

Mr & Mrs Fox (Fantastic)

Diary of a Wimpy Kid

Super-simple to draw onto card, and make a mask that works with ordinary clothes.

Diary of a Wimpy Kid

Charlie & Lola

Another easy illustration to print out or draw and colour in – face masks for Charlie and Lola. Ah – dontcha just love those books?

Charlie & Lola

David Walliams Extravanganza

Take a look at David Walliam’s book characters below, including Mr Stink, Soot the Ghost Chimney Sweep, two Gangsta Grannies, and a couple of Billionaire Boys.

Finally, we had to include one more superbly dishevelled Mr Stink, accompanied by the witch from Room on the Broom with fantastic props!

Your turn!

Show us what you come up with this year so we can marvel at your wonderful creations (especially if they are quick-and-easy!) so we can share with other parents. Great for an idea swap!

Tweet your pics to @ptasocial, or mention us on Facebook or Pinterest so we can re-pin you to our World Book Day board. Or just send us a plain old email with your photos attached. Oh – one more way now to share your photos — though we are newbies there! You can send them to us direct on Instagram @ptasocial or tag us! Can’t wait to see what you come up with!

PTAsocial makes organising events super-easy and inclusive by allowing volunteers to pick out a specific, manageable task. It’s completely free, so if you’re on the PTA, just start an account for your school right now — you’ll be up-and-running in 2 minutes! P.S. Pass this tip on to your PTA if not… 😉

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