Why use PTAsocial online volunteering in your school?

Let’s face it, we could always do with more volunteers stepping forward at school, and you probably spend several hours a week organising events,  arranging meetings, deciding who’s doing what, sending out communications, dealing with email requests, and the list goes on….

  • PTAsocial provides everything you need for your PTA communications

You can publish your event schedule online and send out emails to large groups about each event at the right time. You no longer have to rely on the school admin team, as the PTA can handle mailings themselves and update the PTA website. Link to PTAsocial from your school website, and all the info is all in one place and easy to navigate.

  • PTAsocial is private and secure

Our state-of-the-art web app carefully tracks all subscriptions: you’ll see exactly who has been invited by whom, and can approve self-registrations. You’ll always know who’s in your online community. You can share details safely with parents and teachers, or send a message without having to share your email address or Facebook profile.

  • PTAsocial lets you easily publish detailed lists of exactly what needs doing and when.

Volunteers can directly pick and choose specific tasks, see which slots are already taken, and by whom. It’s also totally easy to copy past events (retaining important information handed over from previous organisers) and ready for volunteers to pick slots and tasks again instantly. Publishing everything also gets away from the danger of being perceived as a ‘clique’ — it’s much more inclusive and welcoming. It’s also a great way to leverage the skills your school community have, discovering hidden talents that can come in handy!

  • PTAsocial frees up your valuable leisure time.

This is time that you would have spent putting together the right email list, dealing with replies, coordinating which volunteer rota slots, dealing with requests from people who changed their mind and want to swap with so-and-so. You know the drill… With PTAsocial, the volunteers take care of themselves! It’s much less hassle for you, and in fact more convenient for the parent volunteers too! If you assign them to a task, they’ll automatically be emailed all the details, and you can do a final personalised reminder to all helpers with just one click.

  • PTAsocial is designed to grow your school community.

We have built PTAsocial to appeal to parents and teachers, because it puts their needs first. They need it to be convenient, accessible, and inclusive. They need PTA volunteering to fit around their busy lives, and they want to control how much information they receive so they don’t get overloaded with well-meant messages appealing for help. We give them everything in one place, and take away the barriers to volunteering. More volunteers step forward as a result.

  • PTAsocial brings your community together.

PTAsocial’s main objective is to unite the parents of the school for the good of the children. It handles the volunteer coordination so that everything is transparent, accessible and manageable. It’s not a popularity contest — just a way for each parent to do what they can to make a difference without putting undue pressure on the small and (usually) over-burdened committee. Only a minority of parents typically help in schools — PTAsocial is about helping you to access that untapped potential, and helping those well-meaning busy parents to join in.

  • BEST OF ALL… PTAsocial keeps track for you.

With rotas and RSVPs updated directly, you don’t have to read your emails or Facebook messages and update a spreadsheet somewhere. If you want to know the status of any event, e.g. RSVPs, volunteer rotas, it’s in the palm of your hand. PTAsocial is mobile-friendly and indeed accessible via any web browser. You’ll wonder how on earth you managed without it all this time. Now you can also sell event tickets and parents can pay with their credit cards. You can view who’s bought tickets easily and even download a CSV spreadsheet file.

It's up to you now...

If your PTA finds itself light on volunteers, or even loaded with volunteers but light on time to organise them, give PTAsocial a try. If you don’t change the way you do things now, you can’t expect it to improve any time soon. You can change the volunteering culture in your school with PTAsocial. Just read our customer case studies to hear what a difference it makes!

Email your committee now, telling them about PTAsocial, or take our one-page flyer to your next meeting. Then log back in and invite them to come and try it out with you.

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